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File 143715245178.png - (129.31KB , 650x650 , how do draw.png )
33 No. 33
Test to see if I can escape the blankness of a floating void
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>> No. 34
File 143716389353.png - (47.88KB , 400x400 , 01float.png )
Hullo Veektur - fancy meeting you here in the floaty floats.
>> No. 36
Not really doing anything, just wanted to post something and since it's test, I'll see if I can't make some of these working
>> No. 37
File 144801222276.png - (36.47KB , 400x400 , 03lazy.png )
[color=red]I forgot the pic, and now doing this for the second time, as my browser and computer are being bastards.[/color]
I'm senile distracted

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