"A Nice Place to Draw"

How to Play #

The goal is to make comics that are interesting, funny, exciting, or otherwise noteworthy in an atmosphere of participation and collaboration. You may start a story, but another artist will contribute, taking it in an unexpected direction. You must be comfortable with this - even excited about it and eager to see what will unfold.

If you have regular characters that you draw, feel free to bring them here. Our clientele is not interested in destroying them, even if they might drag them off into some unfamiliar territory once in a while.

If you don't have regular characters, feel free to invent some here, or to help tell stories with the ones already installed.

How the Hell do I Post? #

This board requires you to have an account before you can post. Contact the site administrator if you would like an account.

For those with accounts, follow this procedure:
1. Login at the Manage page.
2. Click on Show Posting Password on the left-hand menu.
3. Copy the password you find there.
4. Go to the thread in which you would like to post.
5. Paste that password in the box marked Mod.
6. Be sure to select "N" to show your name with the post. Unclick "D" to remove the tag "##Mod##." Or leave it there, it's not hurting anyone.

That's all there is to it.

The Boards #

There are two sections to the Kartoon-O-Tron. One is for DRAWING:

COMICS - is for continual stories with recurring characters. Feel free to create in any software you like and upload the results here.
OEKAKI - This board includes online drawing tools, thus no uploads, only material created through the java plugin. Any kind of drawing is OK here, including long-form stories, if creators wish. This board may require you to install java.
TEST - This board is for testing purposes.

The other section is for TALKING about drawing:

THE BENEVOLENT SOCIETY - This board reserved for discussion and "camaraderie" threads, by which artists may wish to draw each other's characters. A "spectator thread," allowing a kind of meta-discussion about various stories would be housed here. It is a lounge, where the members come to relax and engage in a convivial atmosphere.
SPECTATORS is for the hoi polloi. Those without accounts may comment on drawings and begin discussions, provided these stay civil. It is highly recommended that those playing avoid this section, unless your curiosity gets the better of you. If/when this section becomes unruly, it will be eliminated.

Using the Oekaki Board #

There are a few things you may need to do in order to use the Oekaki board. The system runs on a Java plug-in, which presents some issues for browsers due to Java's strong security.

1. First download the latest version of Java, usually found here.
2. Next, you will want to go to the security settings on your Java Control Panel and allow this site to load and display Java plugins. It will complain that http is insecure, but allow it anyway. It's harder to find it on the Mac.
3. Once that's done, you should be good to go. If you have tablet, you could do well to install JTablet, which is an extension to allow tablets to draw in web browers.

About RSS #

With an RSS reader and these URLS you can be alerted whenever there is a new picture to the Kartoon-O-Tron boards.




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